2.0.1 Tricks by Raekwyn by Raekwyn
Class: Warlock | Category: Underground | Server : EU - Bloodfeather ( Rampage )
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Movie Summary
"2.0.1 Tricks (Exploration, Exploits, Tips 'n Tricks) by Raekwyn"

I made this movie because a lot of people has asked me how to get to these places, so instead of showing them one by one I recorded and edited this movie to show all of you.

Note: All of the clips recorded in this movie is recorded after the latest patch, "Before the Storm".

This movie is made more or less as a guide to show how to get to these places, and not as a bragmovie.

Summary of the movie:

- Alterac Valley: How to get on top of Drek'Thar's hut (AV, Horde boss) and how to get on top of the mountains and outside the map in Alterac Valley.

- Arathi Basin: "Tips 'n Tricks" behind Horde starting area in AB.

- Arathi Basin: How to get outside the fence in AB before the actual battleground game starts. (You can at least capture the blacksmith before gates open if your quick enough.

- "Tips 'n Tricks": Boat Ride

- Warsong Gulch: How to get up on, behind and below the Alliance base in WSG. Also shows how to get outside map.

- Alterac Valley: How to get behind Vanndar's house after the latest patch. (You can see the recently-placed blockage put there by Blizzard)

- Booty Bay: Cliffside

- Tirisfal Glades: "Ever wondered what's beyond Dethknell's left side on the map?"

- Stormwind: How to get on top of and below the city of Stormwind.

- Northshire Waterfalls and the Burning Steppes Dwarves.

- "Tips 'n Tricks": Entrance of Stormwind

- "The Dancing Troll Village"

- "Tips 'n Tricks": How to get inside the two dark tunnels in the BGs-Join area in Ironforge.

- Ironforge: Getting on top of the main entrance.

- Scarlet Monastary: How to get on top of it.

- Undercity: On top of, below and in the cealing of Undercity.

- Warsong Gulch: How to get on top of, behind and under Horde's fortress.

- Orgrimmar: How to get below and possibly ways to get above the city of Orgrimmar.

- Ironforge Airport, Wetlands Farms and a tunnel that will lead you back to Ironforge if you jump in it with a slowfall effect on.

- "The Twin Cranes", Planecrash (I didn't actually go there, but it's nearby, you can just follow the snowy mountain), and last but not least how to get under Stormwind from a different entry.

Songs in order of appearance: (I just took some songs I like with some groove in 'em and put em together in the movie, at least I'm not using songs that's being used in every movie out there.. ^^)

- Infinity - Naked In The Rain
- Eiffel 65 - Blue (da ba dee)
- Groove Coverage - Poison
- Captain Jack - Soldier, Soldier
- Coolio - Gangstah's Paradise
- Culture Beat - Mr. Vain
- DJ Aligator Project - Lollypop
- Dr. Alban - It's My Life

Hope you enjoy the movie! ^^

Raekwyn - Warlock of Bloodfeather / Daggerspine

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