Xmas pain - Niar: Rank14 NE Rogue by Niar
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Turalyon ( Cyclone )
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*** Update 22.8.2019 See you in CLASSIC??!

Twitch URL: https://www.twitch.tv/niarwow

Show your LOVE and support and get private discord VIP channel access with Niar by donating 5$ or more to Paypal: [email protected] or by donating Bitcoin (BTC) to my adress below:

After payment, send picture on Discord or e-mail: Niarwow#2943

Then I invite you :)

*** UPDATE ***

I rerolled on Stormscale (EU) as undead rogue called Niarreborn, that is my main character now. http://armory.wow-europe.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Stormscale&n=Niarreborn

*** UPDATE ***

I have at this point played WoW for more than 2 years, first time was in korean beta december 2004, and it has been over a year since the release of my first movie in Feel the pain series. I had looked forward to getting to fight the "uber wtfpwnage" PvP server people that everyone spoke about when I released my first vid.. and I am sad to say that cross-server BG's got me rather disappointed. As I had suspected and said, I knew that the people on PvP servers were barely any better than the top ones on PvE. So anyway, this movie is mainly cross-server BG fighting and a few 1on1/world PvP from Turalyon.

There are a few reasons why I decided to make another video regardless of having made 6 PvP ones already, and the main reason is due to a guildie asking me who my idols were.. and that kind of struck me, MY idols.. were people who showed that they knew their class to 101% and you could see they knew very much about the game - THAT is why I make these videos, because I consider myself to have those things too. Judging my skill by the players I fight will just prove your stupidity.. hope you enjoy watching the movie, you will probably see more of me in the burning crusade :)

NOTE: If you believe the only reason I win fights is due to gear, go watch my previous vids to get that image out of the way, and use your brain before commenting/rating please. This vid shows just random PvP gankage, this is how people play.. I can't help if the enemies aren't elites. I don't flame other people's vids just because I think they fought a rogue who were worse than me..

The video consists to 1on3's to a large amount, which means that only 1 of them is quite ok geared, if you want to see tougher fights then go and watch Feel the pain Final.

Equipment/talents: http://ctprofiles.net/813901

Currently my talents are a bit of my own made 21/8/22 version - if you're not a NE, change to 2 camo and 4 MoD, talents and equipment can be seen in my profile link.

1 point in MoD = 3 points in stealth
1 level in stealth = 5 points
NE Racial = 5 points

5/5 MoD = 15 points = 3 levels.
5/5 MoD + NE Racial = 20 points = overkill
3/5 MoD + NE Racial = 14 points = Worse than 5 MoD
2/5 MoD + NE Racial + Stealth cloak enchant = 16 points = better than 5 MoD


I use W A S D for moving, I always hold the right mouse button in combat for strafing around targets. My hotkeys are Q (thorium grenade), E (distract), F (kidney shot), G (cold blood), Y (shadowmeld), V (rupture), R (renataki trinket), T (mount), middle mousebutton (thistle tea) and sidebutton on mouse (pvp trinket use) and 1-0 for my primary actionbar.

StunWatch (shows time of CS/KS/gouge/blind/sap/), SpellAlert (shows who is casting and what he is casting), EnergyWatch (energy tick bar), QuickMountEquip (automatic mount/DPS equip when mount/unmount), ScrollingCombatText (damage taken in middle of screen), Trinketmenu (the 2 trinket icons), UI: COSMOS (not yet working with 2.0, so I use iPopbar to have a hidden bar)

The addons can be found at http://www.curse-gaming.com/mod.php or simply search on google for them and you will find.

Additional: Please read the text before coming and asking questions! I do not link my gear ingame so don't bother asking.. but feedback is always welcome. I also recommend downloading the file instead of watching it on google video..

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