Battle Ground Exploits 2.0.1 by pejamas
Class: Warrior | Category: Underground | Server : US - Blackrock ( Bloodlust )
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Well after getting bored with most of what was available to me before the upcoming expansion i decided to "explore" most of the old and some of the newer bugs/exploits in the battle grounds to see if they were still doable in the latest ( 2.0.1 ) patch, most of them were.

the editing is not anything fancy (first attempt) tbh i fail at editing hehe :) the point was just to show how to do most of the exploits + what a i believe to be a few some people haven't seen before.

they include:

- jumping the ab gate on both horde/alliance sides before the game begins
- jumping the wsg fence before the game begins
- getting on the roof above the alliance flag in wsg

Track Listing:

Vicarious - Tool

Hope u enjoy it, any constructive criticism is welcomed! i also don't recommend the google vid as it's pretty poor quality.

Just a note, i tried all of these today with the new 2.0.3 patch all worked except for the wsg horde door, although I'm sure some one will find a workaround =)

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