WoW Road Trip 2.0 by scdeath
Class: Unknown | Category: Underground | Server : US - Darrowmere ( Whirlwind )
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An exploration movie taped entirely (except one montage clip) in 2.0.X. Features areas thought closed like the Deadmines exploit, Battlegrounds exploits, AQ40 dome, "Underwater city", and much, much more. I've crammed well over 100 hours of exploration into 57 minutes, with emphasis on areas you won't find anywhere else, or you'd simply have a hard time finding. The video also shows you how to reach these areas and if you can. Some are mage and/or priest only, due to blinks, fatigue, and the 2.0.3 nogg nerf.

No third party programs were used to produce any footage, except parts with the map. No deceptive video editing (like speeding up) is used. Though some parts are out of context, hehe.

I will release a higher quality version of the video as soon as I can find a program to blank out my name in the interface scenes. It's still of considerably higher video quality than the Google Video version..
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