Vikturus - Crusade of the Forsaken by Vikturus
Class: Warrior | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Frostmane ( Misery )
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I started to shoot alot of pvpclips in 1.11.. Got some good clips, but not enough for a complete movie (for example no 1 on 1's vs equally geared pallies). What happened then was that i got loads of viruses at my computer, so my framerate went down to much to fraps anymore. So i decided to quit the movieproject, after promising alot of people to make one. But then later on,the week before tBC release,i decided to make a short pvp movie before the expansion.

Though unfortunatly the first time i upploaded the video it was not approved here on wcm, thats why the release is kind of late.

As i said, this is filmed in 1.11 so its no Rampage action :(,just the good ol' 17/34 dw pvp.

I didn't do this movie to beat my last fury video, it's not supposed to be perfection, i did this video for all the people i told i was gonna make another video. However this video include alot of 1 on 1's vs heavy geared oponents (tier 2.5-tier 3) and some 1 vs 2,3,4 vs not as good geared players. As i said in about my last video, some of my enemys really screw things up in the fights that are 1 vs many, but i still think its entertaining enough to include.

Except pvp, this movie also includes a little story line, like it or not! :D

My keybindings used in the video are
F- Battlestance/ Berzerkstance dance
V- Charge / Intercept
G- Bloodrage
H- Piercing Howl
R- Sunder Armor
Scroll button- Battle Shout
extra mouse button n1 - Heroic Strike
extra mouse button n2 - Berzerkers rage and berz stance from defensive stance
- Iron Grenade
Trinket- X

The Addons used in the video is
MoveAnything, Discord User Frames (custom version), Titan Panel, Scrolling Combat Text.
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