Keeping Warrior Hope Alive by TheUntamed
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***My goal is to keep the warrior class alive, make the last fighters keep going, showing them that they are not vegetables on the battlefield, not even if all alone.
For the rest; let you feel what a warrior feels when there is nothing left to do, but drag as many as possible to death then follow them to hell.***

Keep Hope Alive

A short film made for Warriors and only Warriors
to show them what their class is able to do
at level 70 without any raid gear.

Why bother if you are not a Warrior?
Be able to see what we face every time when it's a PvP situation, outnumbered, kited, crowdcontrolled, mocked, or just jumped by people who know that it's 'just a warrior'.

Everything i have, is obtained from Quests,
Blacksmithing or 5 man pre-70 instances.
No personal healbot, no outgearing, no buffs.



Last second additions:

First of all; this is not meant to be the usual PvP movie, there isn't tons of fights or mass effects everywhere, much rather a clip that makes you feel like a Warrior.

I kept the quality fairly low, so it's not out of reach for those who lack bandwidth, might consider adding a HQ and live stream mirror later.

Filmed on 29th January, everything happened on same night, no one in a million fights.

_All_ feedback is appreciated..
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