BWL: The Last Ride by BaronSoosdon
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BWL: The Last Ride

This is my second BWL movie. I wanted to make a second one since I was not happy with the first one qualitywise (low resolution) and editingwise.

BWL: The Last Ride is a movie about the journey of The Beastro & Beyond Oblivion to Nefarian's lair. The movie contains little scenes with plot-elements (done using model & map viewer programs plus the in-game sounds).

I know BWL is an ancient instance and no one does it anymore (or do people?) after TBC launch - thus the name 'Last Ride'.

About file sizes and quality

Warcraftmovies mirrors (Torrent, Premium) have the movie as a imba-quality HD version with a resolution of 1280x552 (a.k.a. HD720P but with the black widescreen bars cropped away). This file is 700mb in size and it could not be smaller to maintain quality. Choose this file if you love quality over everything and got the time to wait :)

There is also a normal quality version available through a Filefront mirror. It is 145mb in size and half the resolution (640x276) of the HD quality file. This one is for the people with not much hard drive space.

All the downloadable movies use the XViD codec.

Then there is the Google Video stream - needless to say that the quality just sucks there. Use it for previewing and please download the movie if you like it :)

I uploaded some screenshots from the HD version to teh intterweb, check 'em out from the links below:


Soundtrack is listed at the end credits.

The addon used for the long-distance shots is called ImprovedCamera, you can d/l it here (remember to read the instructions).

You can check my first BWL movie via this link. If you do so, I hope you (too) understand why I had to make an 'upgrade' :P.
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