1000+ Elem Shaman DPS by Nafnaf
Class: Shaman | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Dragonmaw ( Bloodlust )
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Elemental Shaman DPS test,

EU-Dragonmaw, Nafnaf - look up items on the armory.

We can dps \o/

I highly recommend that you use the DivX STREAM link, it is the future! Non-compressed dvd-quality live streaming at stage6.com - The quality is exactly the same as the one you get if you download it from one of my provided links (rapidshare, filefront) - but streamed.

EDIT: No buffs was used as described at the end of the movie, except for my totems.

Not 1000 dps? Well I am running at 1200 dps for quite a while in the beginning, it can only be seen on the High quality links though..

EDIT 03-01-2010: Hello guys - this video has a lot of views, and you guys dont realize why. I will explain as I understand :)

When I released this video, the DPS output was insane and the wide masses had not seen this before and was amazed. It was in the very beginning of TBC(!)

If someone pushed 30.000 DPS now in WotLK everyone would be amazed as well and that video would receive a lot of attention. Maybe 30.000 DPS is a bit much, but I don't play anymore so I have no idea what people are pushing in raids :)
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