Untitled WoW Machinima [abandoned] by BaronSoosdon
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About the movie
This is an older machinima project which I did in november 2006. It is completely incomplete and I do not have intentions of ever finishing it - mostly because lack of interest plus the fact that I did not get the plot working as well as I wanted it to.

More about the movie and plans of it can be seen on the opening credits.

I used some of the scenes in Unlimited Escapism vol. 1

There is also a HD720p version available for the quality freaks on the other Filefront mirror. My original intention was to release the completely completed movie in HD format.

The movie does NOT have:
- a name
- a proper ending
- sound effects
- future

Akira Yamaoka: End Of Small Sanctuary
Velcra: Memory Loss
Juno Reactor: Mutant Message
Juno Reactor: Mona Lisa Overdrive
Chris H´┐Żlsbeck: Giana Sisters Theme

I don't care if you give this movie low scores because of it is incomplete. But I will not tolerate that pointless and retarded fucking 1.0 crap neither in my or other peoples movies. I will report them instantly as I see them.

Keep it constructive (especially when giving a 1/1/1/1 rating for a good reason).
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