Acolyte I - The Bloodbiter by Johan Vågstedt
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Movie Summary
"After a raid to the scarlet monastery, Commander Mograine is slain. The Scarlet, angry at the Alliance, join an enourmus uprising from the Scourge and the Burning legion.
General Tinklespark send out his own commander, Ólo, to Kharazan to find the mysterious book of Medivh. In it he may find a way to stop the uprising..."

The Acolyte is an epic story-line serie in three parts.
To avoid the movies to get too mutch too fast, we've made this one a bit smaller. Belive me. The second and the third one will be huge!

The Acolyte is about many characters journey through this dark hour.

Thank you PKTV and Zaknaf for the Direct Download!

Alot of people have been a bit grumpy that The Acolyte I – The Bloodbiter took so long to finish. So we decided to increase the number of staff here on Firebolt Productions with two new writers and one new editor. This will make the second part of The Acolyte faster to complete. Plus we will start to make a storyline serie in something along 12 parts, like 10 min each, called “Menethil” and will be about the Arathor settlement in Azeroth. These parts will probably be uploaded once a month so stayed tuned on Warcraftmovies.

For this project we need voice actors so if you're interested, tell me

/Johan Vågstedt – Lead Editor and Writer at Firebolt Productions.
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