Solo Chess event in UNCLEARED karazhan by Earl
Class: Rogue | Category: Underground | Server : EU - Stormscale ( Cyclone )
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This is a movie that shows how to solo karazhan chess event, in an uncleared karazhan instance, 100% unaided, this is something any class can do with the use of 2 invisibility potions and 1 swiftness potion, most of how to do it is mentioned in the movie, so not much to write he. This was filmed in the PTR with the 2.1 patch so should still work on live realm, both before and after patch, unless blizzard hotfixes!

I know this might be old to some people, but i didnt see any movie on WCM so i thought i might aswell add one, and since this is more of an educatonal movie i didnt really take alot of time to edit it, so its nothing flashy, just whats nescesary.

Oh and sorry for the few spelling errors in there, but you can handle it.

Edit: This has reportedly been hotfixed, and now one of the greater flesh eaters has stealth detection, and also when you get to the chess event, if you get past the flesh eaters with use of soulstone/feign death/vanish, therer are no chess pieces there, though again, i hear that this is a bug that occurs sometimes..
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