Ming PTR Video: All 2100+ Opponents! by Ming
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Lightning's Blade ( Vindication )
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Movie Summary
If you are tired of PVP movies of scrubs two-shotting pathetic opponents with 6K HP, this unedited dueling video between top dogs will finally show you what high level rogue 1v1 is all about! Everyone in this movie was at least 2100+ in one arena bracket although some of them may have fluctuated since then, and they are all specced and geared for 1v1 action on PTR. 13K HP second wind warrior and felguard warlock, 12K HP BM hunter, 9500 HP WE mage, all with at least 250 resilience (the warlock in this movie has 370). Watch some of the best rogues in the game taking on the toughest possible opponents, and the result wasn't pretty. A best of seven series was fought between each rogue and their assigned opponent, with full cooldowns and arena rules for every match. The official score is listed for every series.

If there is one regret about this movie other than not being able to find a paladin that could really make me get serious, it is that I wish I had more big name rogues on PTR. Then again, with so many high profile rogues like Dahis, Corrupt, Nitrana, Mortale, even the mighty Inactive of this movie all re-rolled, I was forced to fight in more series than I would have preferred. Having said that, I do believe this movie, as grim as it looks, is a pretty accurate presentation for rogues in high level 1v1. In a nutshell, save for blowing preparation every single match, rogue can't beat anyone except priest/paladin, and the only reason we still beat priest/paladin is most of them don't really have good 1v1 gear yet, they took the healing set for 5v5 instead. This will change dramatically as most of the top gladiators already have all they want for 5v5 and will start picking up 1v1 gear. Even with preparation, warlock and hunter still beat us very easily. And once arena season 2 gear comes out, other classes will do the same unless there is some real balance changes. The greatly increased stamina and resilience is a huge nerf to stunlocks. I pretty much shifted my game to rushdown against every class. Hopefully, next PTR, we will see some real PVP improvements for the rogue class.

If you enjoyed my 1.11 dueling video a year ago, I believe this is by far the superior product, although sadly, we lost so many great players from that era, and Dahis re-rollin warrior was a huge loss for the community. I have included quite a bit of commentaries. The music is 100% Rurouni Kenshin, which was introduced to me by readers of my blog. It is an amazing series that most people who enjoy WOW will also enjoy watching, especially the four OVA's.

Featured Rogues (Order of Appearance):

Akiros aka Eviscerate (Combat Sword)
Unsouled (Mutilate)
Neilyo (Prep Dagger)
Ming (Hemo, Combat Fist)
Inactive (Mutilate)

Featured Opponents (Order of Appearance):

Chadwick - WE mage
Radikal - WE mage
Keila - MS warrior
Geecee - Restoration Shaman
Azael - Soullink Warlock
Kakaeshi - Feral Druid
Valanmor - BM Hunter.
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