Method Vs. Lady Vashj by Zeuzo
Class: Rogue | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Sylvanas ( Rampage )
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Movie Summary
Vashj kill by method, World second kill.

As many of you already read we havent gotten any loot yet so i cant link you any loot im sorry.

As stated above Vashj has been killed before but with a health bug which made her Health drop from a certain % to 1 %.

The movie contains 2 Povs and 1 pov with us trying to get to the corpse and loot her. Sadly enough the corpse despawned and we werent able to loot her and the GMs havent been supporting at all. Some claims its our own fault that we couldnt reach the corpse.

Please no drama about claiming world firsts or second, we are all aware that if Nihilum continued the encounter they would have easily killed her normally if the continued to work on it even though it was classed as a broken encounter.

A statement from our Guild Master Sco.

As read on wcradio. (

There are four subjects I want to cover.

Firstly, the Vashj kill itself.
Our Vashj kill was 100% legit, there was no Kungen 500k revenge crits involved here. However I will not try and hide the fact that we as a guild spent a massive amount of time and gold on this encounter, we have been attempting it on and off since our first Lurker kill (03/22/07). For those unaware, the Vashj encounter forces the raid to use maximum consumables from very early attempts due to the fact you simply don�t have enough DPS otherwise to survive Phase 2 with the whole raid up.
As what was meant as a last attempt prepatch to get something out of the time we had spent on this encounter we decided that this reset we would attempt Vashj with maximum consumables and world buffs. The raid on Thursday saw us wipe on 5% first try, followed by 4% the second try. However with this renewed confidence that she indeed was very killable we re-gathered the world buffs and went again on Saturday which resulted in a first try kill. The feeling from the kill after the amount of time spent on the encounter was nothing short of great.

Secondly, the Vashj problem.
So what was the problem? The Phase 3 Spore Bats failed to despawn upon killing Vashj, these Bats had instance wide range (ie, they hit you with toxic spore from the Vashj spot upon entering the instance). Having 15+ of these Spore Bats up from the end of Phase 3 made it impossible to reach the corpse of Vashj, let alone past the first elevator in SSC. We tried various methods of trying to reach the corpse including the equipping of full fire resistance in an attempt to resist �toxic spore� � needless to say they all failed.

The corpse of Vashj despawned quite quickly (estimate around 30 minutes). It was at this moment we were forced to contact the helpful GM�s. Who promptly told us �sadly, it is the players responsibility to get to the corpse before despawn�, note the word �sadly�, yes how very saddening.

Thirdly, the GM response we were given.
If you have visited or recently you will have already witnessed the initial GM response given to us in regards to the non despawning Spore Bats and the disappearance of our loot. What can I say? The initial response was just very poor and very disappointing. Lying at the Vashj spot watching the Spore Bats fly around for 3 hours while waiting for a GM response is bad enough, but when finally getting a response and being told nothing much more then if I am not satisfied with the way the situation has been handled I should email, is just not acceptable. Stop sending your failure GM�s to deal with issues they have no clue about. �How often has this happened?� either get this GM off the team as soon as possible or restrict his zone cover to Elwynn Forest. I would suggest Blizzard review their GM policy because their in-game customer support is as it stands a complete waste of time, you pay these people to annoy?

As it is now from the most recent GM response (6-7 hours after the incident), we are awaiting the incoming trash loots. Allowing us to close this chapter.

To round off, a few thanks.
Most importantly I would like to thank the guild, who believed we could kill her regardless of wiping countless times on what initially seemed to be an �impossible� encounter (the numbers just don�t add up!). The enthusiasm and preparation could not have been better.

A special shout out to those who attended the majority of �wipes� but were unable to attend the final raid (a few names coming to mind, Rei, Razielakos, Oranoss, Pai, Emilyspear, Shive and Sil (who recently managed the impossible feat of wiping on the chess event in Karazhan)).

Finally, I would like to thank the support given to us by the majority of the raiding community both EU and US in regards to obtaining the loot and sending a clear message to Blizzard that their customer support in handling this incident has been nothing short of a joke.

Final note
In reply to those who believe we got lucky: I have every confidence that if we were to attempt her next reset we would come away with a kill.

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