Anecdote About Lowered Farming Morale by Semi Productions
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Movie Summary
Anecdote About Lowered Farming Morale

Reasons behind creating the movie: In school we read an anecdote about a tourist who talks to a fisher about how he could become a famous businessman. After reading the anecdote I thought about making the same scenario, but with in WoW environment.

Voice acting: My excuses here. I've been looking all around the web for a voice actor to help me out in this (simple) recording, but so far I've got no help. I know the movie contains a lot talking and would be so much better with voice acting, but I'm sorry to say none wanted to help me out.

Required to watch: The movie is in Divx format, it can be downloaded here.

Movie name: The movie is called "Anecdote About Lowered Farming Morale", but the filename is "NoSubject".

Chapters: The movie is parted up in different chapters ,not necessary at all due to how short the movie is, but it's fun. The different chapters were created using the trial version of DivX Author.

Music used:Elwyn Forest, BlackRockAndRoll. Both songs are official WoW music.

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Semi Productions.
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