Expose armor Trick by Tetharion
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hi there.

Maybe a few of you don�t know how to do the 'Expose Armor trick' (EA when enemy is gouged/blinded/etc.)
so i made a short (and relatively boring :P) how-to movie about it...

hope some of you find it quite usefull!


a few additional infos...

of course you have a cooldown after the weapon switch, but it doesn�t matter (you don�t attack within this 1,5 sec. or what is was...)
this was recorded on patch 2.0.12 so it DOES work in bc, don�t know what you mean Vexorian ;)

i am no expert in macro writing, maybe the weapon-swap macro can be written better, but they works aswell:

/script if(IsEquippedItem("YourStandardMainhand")) then EquipItemByName("YourSwappedMainhand", 16); EquipItemByName("YourSwappedOffhand", 17); else EquipItemByName("YourStandardMainhand", 16); EquipItemByName("YourStandardOffhand", 17); end

i know my english is really really bad, sorry for that :-P.
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