Expose armor Trick by Tetharion
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hi there.

Maybe a few of you donīt know how to do the 'Expose Armor trick' (EA when enemy is gouged/blinded/etc.)
so i made a short (and relatively boring :P) how-to movie about it...

hope some of you find it quite usefull!


a few additional infos...

of course you have a cooldown after the weapon switch, but it doesnīt matter (you donīt attack within this 1,5 sec. or what is was...)
this was recorded on patch 2.0.12 so it DOES work in bc, donīt know what you mean Vexorian ;)

i am no expert in macro writing, maybe the weapon-swap macro can be written better, but they works aswell:

/script if(IsEquippedItem("YourStandardMainhand")) then EquipItemByName("YourSwappedMainhand", 16); EquipItemByName("YourSwappedOffhand", 17); else EquipItemByName("YourStandardMainhand", 16); EquipItemByName("YourStandardOffhand", 17); end

i know my english is really really bad, sorry for that :-P.
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