Sin City Azeroth: The Customer Is Always Right by BaronSoosdon
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Movie Summary

This is a machinimation of the short story, "The Customer Is Always Right" seen on the movie Sin City (and in the comic by the same name).

..with gnomes.

Originally by Frank Miller & Robert Rodriguez.

Oh, and you might not get this machinima if you have not seen the movie or read the comic.

GNOMES?!?! WTF!!111
Yes, gnomes!

Actually I tried to do this movie back in 2006, but with humans. That sucked so I scrapped the project back then. But now, this weekend I tried again and it worked out :)

The idea was to recreate the scene in Sin City with WoW but keeping the limitations of WoW-machinima in mind. I did not want to copy the scenes 1:1 from Sin City, since that would make this machinima even more boring than it is.

Those of you who have seen the original know that it is quite repetitive concerning camera angles. But then again in WoW, you simply do not have facial expressions.

I wanted this movie to have the "one colour" effect seen in the comics and the movie, but I could not get it correctly working in Vegas. So except for the logos, the movie is completely b&w.

The downloadable file is big, but so is the technical quality of the file :)

1/1/1/1 U SUXXX111!111
I got no problem if you don't like this (or any other of my) movie.

But I just happen to fucking hate that pointless downrating, so I'll just report all those retarded comments - from my own and other peoples movies.

People please - keep it constructive FTW :)

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Blog Of Baron Soosdon
The name speaks for itself! Expect crappy english and shameless attentionwhoring including even more shameless selfpromotion.
Sometimes murloc hate or boobs may pop up there.

Can you help me?

If someone knows an easy (a.k.a. quite nub-friendly) way to view the Unreal Tournament 2004 models, plix0rs lemme know (send me a PM via this site)! UnrealED just looks so nightmarish :x

For a working and understandable instruction (which I can use) I shall reward you by slapping your name to unlimitend Escapism vol. 0 credits (woot :D).

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