Power Word: Priest 1 by Noobie
Class: Priest | Category: How To/Guides | Server : EU - The Maelstrom ( Rampage )
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UPDATE: The talent build in this movie is outdated, now there is "Focused Will" in the disc tree which means that almost nobody will be using the 28/33 build any longer. But the rest of the movie should still be worth watching.

Power Word: Priest - Episode 1

This is my "learn-to-Holy-Priest"-guide for PvP. My series will cover fights+commentary against all the classes 1vs1, but the first episode is limited to:


Hopefully this will be an appreciated help for those with little or no experience as a Holy Priest.

The reason i decided to create this series was because when i started this character, and looked for some tips on how to play it. I came here, looking for pro players' pvp videos. But the only videos i could find was Shadowpriest videos. 70 levels, and after getting full gladiator set, i searched once again, but without luck. So here is what i was looking for some time ago: a guide on how to play a Holy Priest.

Credit goes to Nonoob at The Maelstrom for teaching me allot of what i know today.


Feel Good Inc. - Gorillaz
Otherside - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss - The Bloodhound Gang
Dooh Dooh - Barcode Brothers


- Duels only. There will be no Battleground/World PvP/Arena-clips in this first episode.
- Skilled and properly geared opponents, you dont need advices on how to kill noobs afterall do you?
- Down-to-earth-editting, no fancy flashbooms, i want you to be able to see whats going on.
- Engineering Trinkets at times (however if u dont happen to be an engineer u will find the movie just as informative as if you were, ussualy when i use the trinkets, they back-fire)
- My sexy voice talking about whats happening through the entire thing :P

I have editted it with WMM and Sony Vegas. Editing aint my strongest side but then again this is my first video and u gotta start somewhere i guess. Hope you enjoy it!


For questions and suggestions/ideas for the future episodes, please post in this topic on the Priest Forum

Armory Profile

PS: Re-applying Inner Fire against Warriors are a good idea to recieve less damage overall. Also, if you read the many pages of comments below, u might catch more good hints u should use that i have forgotten to mention.

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