How to blink out of the dome in the Eye by Uyu
Class: Mage | Category: Underground | Server : US - Alexstrasza ( Rampage )
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If you play mage class, here is a video how to blink out of the dome in BG: Eye of the Storm and get off the platform.

Yes, it is still possible.

Download it, it's just 44mb. On GoogleVideo you won't see anything ...

If you feel offended by this obvious exploit I can understand it, but my intention is to draw your attention to this bug. Blizzard told us they fixed it, but they didn't. That's the reason why I quoted Blizzard's often posted words: "Working as intended..." at the end.

Please don't rate low, because you hate Exploits. So if you agree with me that it should be fixed soon then leave a comment with a "/sign" or something like this.

"We all wanna know how you zoomed out that far!!!"

- You have to rewrite something in your conifig file which is in you WTF folder. If you want the third camera preset to be so far away write

SET cameraDistanceC "250"

That's the hugest distance possbile. Ingame, you set camera preset three to F12 for example. Press F12 and there you are..
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