Menethil Episode II by Johan Vågstedt
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Menethil 2 - For lord and land

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~It has been a couple of weeks since the news of an upcoming troll invasion. And as Jek'dan of Zul'aman set his dreadful army ashore near Stromgarde, Terenas Menethil makes his men as ready as possible for the nearing threat.
Jek'dan sends his ogre henchman, Crom, east to destroy any uprising that may befall them. Although, in the far east, Crom faces the fierce and experienced warriors of Captain Ciro.
The cries of war echo through the lands, yet the mayhem... has only begun!~

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This is the second episode of Menethil, the serie. It's the story of the Arathor settlement in Azeroth. A story of bravery, war, corruption and fear. So far I've not fitted any love into it, but believe me - that'll come too ;D.

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If you've missed the last episode - Here it is: Menethil 1 - A clash of weapons

Third episode will come along some time after the release of Acolyte II.

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