The Fat Cow and The Pro (2500+ Rating) by Nately (Frostmane)
Class: Multiple | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Frostmane ( Misery )
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----We apologies for the volume during the movie, its pretty low there must have been a rendering issue, please don't allow this to kill the enjoyment of the movie, just raise the volume in the movie player, and speakers or headset. We're sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused----

Hey, this movie show cases our 2vs2 team (Druid & Mage) in the Arena, our rating was 2504 in Season 1 placing us in rank 3 on our battlegroup, and the highest ranked Mage / Feral Druid combo in the world.

Me and Chrille decided once to play 2vs2 for fun, we found it very entertaining, a lot more than the usual team set ups. So we made The Fat Cow and The Pro team, we've enjoyed ourselves a lot playing against tough opponents on our battlegroup.

After we had a lot of people come over from other servers to ask us how we played and how we dealt with X team set ups, and a lot of requests for a movie. We decided to make one to show case how we handle other combos in the arenas.

As said earlier this movie is our first, neither of us had any editing experience so we tried not to over do it yet make it a little more entertaining.

We were very adamant about having both point of views shown in the movie, we disliked movies were you always see it from one players PoV. It took us well over 3 weeks to make the movie, simply because of the huge files we had to exchange so we can get both PoV's shown in good quality.

Constructive criticisms are always welcome, keep in mind its our 1st movie! :)

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Nately - Twilight Blaze
The Fat Cow
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PS: Gedan The Community Manager Rocks!

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