Taco 7: Full Fire Mage PvP by taco
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Terrordar ( Raserei )
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Movie Summary
Destruction Mage 2-56-3

hate yourself with style!
as always: for entertainment purposes only.. god, that sentence sucks.

to spoil a little bit: after a super epic preview on Taco Reloaded III, which might or might not come soon, you'll see an even more epic intro, not so epic fights, a homage to warlocks* and a low budget music video production (aka my interpretation of duels in durotar :P).
if you prefer unedited straight in the face pvp by some ninjaskilled player, you won't be satisfied here. be ready for 100% cheese.

(* don't we all love it - you go into a battleground and the first thing you see is a warlock throwing like a million dots right in your face. I want to thank every single one of them for filling my life with joy!)

picture quality isn't the best, but since 9 out of 10 people stream movies anyway (including me) I guess it doesn't really matter.

(parts of) mark farina "deep house of acid jazz"
(parts of) chicco THDDB mix 16-03-02
(parts of) buddha bar - chillout lounge - caf´┐Ż del mar 4
oldboy soundtrack "look who's talking"
bran van 3000 "go shopping"
nickelback "animals"
rammstein "te quiero puta!"
some guy whistling "jingle bells"
crystal method & fatboy slim "magic carpet ride"
la cuca "me vale madre"
sugarhill gang "apache (jump on it)"

more tacos:
Taco Reloaded II - april 2007
Taco Reloaded - april 2007
Taco 6 - march 2007
Taco 5 - february 2007
Taco 4 - january 2007
Taco 3 - november 2006
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Taco 1 - september 2006
Taco first glimpse - august 2006

.. and please, don't be shy to post whatever you feel like, there aren't many things in life I care less about than my average rating.

enjoy. at least try to ..and yes, my english still sucks.

PS: I love you Drake! (if you don't understand some of my stupid jokes, go watch Drakedog 7).
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