Foredoomed presents: IntoX 3n3 Arena by Foredoomed
Class: Warlock | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Destromath ( Blutdurst )
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Movie Summary
Arena 3n3 PVP Movie

Foredoomed | Primal Legion | Affliction Warlock
Toma | Primal Legion | HolyDisc Priest
Sahtras | For the Horde | Frost Mage


-Mage and Priest PoV only (my PC cannot handle fraps in arenas, sorry) :(
-no lags at all this time
-3 minute intro
-1 minute outro
-high rated 3n3 only
-very close and intense fights against gladiator opponents in germany's largest battlegroup "Blutdurst"
-cleaned up UI
-alternative music, gothic/metal, no american pop rock (list included)
-extremely improved editing compared to previous movies
-a little introduction for each fight in order to clarify focus and crowd control targets
-gear and speccs included

A lot of the credits belong to Toma and Sahtras who had a large influence on that movie.

Picture quality is excellent (we used some filters to make it less colorful) but ruined by the Livestream , only use it for preview purposes please.

Constructive criticism is as always appreciated.

edit: Since people are asking... no there probably won't be a sequel to this movie, because we had to meet IRL in order to realize it..
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