Agramon II by Agramon
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Frostmane ( Misery )
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Second movie here for you from myself, same spec as my last (17/0/44), mainly due to the fact it’s the most viable build for arena and hey I’m not complaining it’s a great spec to play. Like to apologise for the kinda long run time, personally I don’t mind long videos as long as they keep me entertained, hopefully mine will do just that. Speant a little longer on the editing with this one, hope you’ll notice a difference between this and my last. Fair few DOOM SQUAD movies knocking about at the moment, and here is yet another, take it or leave it!

Movie is split up into 3 sections

-World PvP against multiple opponents (the typical undergeared kind you find in world pvp nowadays, like it or loathe it)

-Duels against skilled opponents from my realm Frostmane EU
1st Duel against ‘Trig’, a 17/0/44 mage, no pets were used to make things more interesting (I find anyway) and mana pots were allowed as mages mana is kinda pants and we didn’t wanna to end up wanding each other to death.
2nd Duel against my beloved Acrono (yes, yet another movie with his fine ass in, duelled Ithius in my last and I’d rate them 2 as the better rogues of frostmane)
3rd Duel against an extremely skilled SL/Affliction Warlock who is just about unbeatable now with the DR on frost nova nerf. I gave it a shot anyway, and I’ve seen many people commenting ‘where were the warlocks duels’ in a lot of videos, well I threw one in just for you lot, I’m sure you’ll see how difficult they can be if played correctly.

-3v3 Arena with my team ‘Zero Resilience’ which is 2x 17/0/44 mages and a 0/31/30 rogue, a strange setup yes, but extremely fun to play, we have stayed in the top 10 now for a fair few weeks now, currently at 2256 rating. Here are just a few of the games against some of the top teams.

Music used:
Mudvayne – Fall Into Sleep
All That Remains – The Air that I Breathe
Static-X – Love Dump
All That Remains – Six
Skillet – Whispers in the Dark (Chosen by Acrono)
Machinae Supremacy – Megascorcher
Ozzy Osbourne – N.I.B
Trivium – Dying in your Arms
Buckethead – King James

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did making it..
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