Curse(MYM.WoW) : Black Temple The Movie by mjukland
Class: Multiple | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Vek'nilash ( Misery )
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Movie Summary
Curse, now known as Meet your makers takes you on a special trip through all encounters of the Black Temple.

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a movie made by Peter Ilves, aka Ork.
Music made by Johan Ilves.

Long movie, but in this case Long means QUALITY!

Encounters are around 4-7min each with some extra stuff added. All in all its alot of action, its fast, it got 5 diffrent point of views which hopefully makes it more intressting to watch.

* Bosses and tracklist
Naj'entus (Big Cash)
Supremus (Bass Pop - Johan Ilves remix)
Gurtog Bloodboil (Disc Legion - Greg Kobe remix)
Teron Gorefiend (Mathias Schwarzwald - Smarter (johan ilves remix)) unreleased
Shade of Akama (Lobby Confusion vol 1)
Reliquary of Souls (Campfire Stories )
Mother Shahraz (Strangers Cliff) unreleased
Illidari Council (Wrong Number) unreleased
Illidan Stormrage (Disc Legion - Original mix and Between Normal (unreleased))

* 5 Point of views
Ekyu - Mage
Zkygge - Rogue
Prophet - Warrrior
Tjoala - Druid
Hexzena - Priest

* Guild
Feel free to visit us in @ irc

* Contact
[email protected]

Please Do not contact me regarding UI questions, Movie editing questions and questions regarding the music. I will NOT, I repeat, I will NOT send you any songs that is being used. All the information regarding where to find and get the music is under the Boss and Track list. For more information about upcoming releases visit

Bring out the Popcorn and Enjoy ;)
Peter Ilves
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