Snoman: Ephemeral Dreamscape by snoman
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Movie Summary

The sequel to Wandering Dreamscape, a tribute to Dopefish and the Nogg-aholic community
, and a journey through an alternate Warcraft. Ephemeral Dreamscape is all about what
is possible when you have the tools and proper knowledge of the WoW data.

I have slowly been advancing in model changing skill since I first started. Now, this
movie not only contains simple model changing, but editing of the models and other files themselves.
To all the people on my last video who said I was doing nothing special, I have even created
my own, unique area from scratch.

A very special thanks to Verlynne, for being the best and for inpiring me to continue
on my journey. Also thanks to Dopefish and the Nogg-aholics, for starting me along
with exploration and model changing, and to Soosisti, for his help on machinimaking
techniques and for helping me clean up the movie.

As the same with Wandering Dreamscape, PLEASE do not watch the Google Video stream
unless you really, really have to. Please download the movie (prefferably in HD) or
at least watch the Stage 6 stream.

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