Unlimited Escapism vol. 3 by BaronSoosdon
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Guest starring Olibith. Featuring also Snomans map changes. Alyx Vance (that chick from Half-Life 2) makes an appearance as well. There's fishing too! The point and plot were never there :P

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About the movie:
They say that the "third one is not easy to make". Can't disagree on that. Even though UEv3 was done a lot faster compared to UEv2, finding the right mood for the movie took a bit of work. So what you shall see is my way of saying "Have a nice summer!" :)

In UEv3 there is not that much editing trickery and mixing up different games. The visuality was the main goal here.

I made an offer to both Olibith and Snoman which they could not refuse. Olbith is featured on a few scenes and Snoman's mapchanges are made to look even more better.

For even more information about the making of UEv3 and what's gonna be in the next part will be available in my blog.


"It's a sin to see this in Youtube quality.
Download the high resolution now!"
-Gobbler, Myndflame


Don't be a paladin and don't watch the streams. Be a real man or woman and download the movie. Even though the Stage6 stream is high quality, you will get the most out by watching the high definition version.
The lowquality stream version sounds quite horrible - the music I used this time is meant to be listened in stereo.

1/1/1/1 sUxX!111 n0 z0mGCr1tS oR L1nKin PaRk!!111
Sure, no prob - if you don't like this movie then you don't. But please don't be a fucking retard and spam that pointles 1/1/1/1 crap without explaining your opinion.

It doesn't serve anyone and makes the comment writer look even more retarded than he already is.

Once again - Constructive Criticism (tm) FTW! :)

Whirlpool - Under The Sun (Solarstone remix)
Chicane - Come Tomorrow (Album version)


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To be continued..
I'm gonna start working on the next part immediately.
It will be very different from the previous Unlimited Escapism movies.
Most likely it won't have trance as soundtrack (electronic music still anyways).
The overall theme of the next UE will be a lot darker.

Olibith and Snoman are going to be featured on that movie as well. Unless they refuse :P

It will be called Unlimited Escapism vol. 0: **still a secret what's gonna be written here**

UEv0 will have the Sin City strip tease scene machinimated, thanks for the idea who ever you were :)

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