Below the belt by groins
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Eonar ( Misery )
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Movie Summary
This is my 2nd PVP movie, But this is the first 1 I have actually put some effort into.

What you will see.
World PVP (normal server) so its all in halaa or OG.
Duels with opponents who vastly outgear me including a full 5/5 merc orc MS war with stormherald and dragonspine trophy.
Some BG action. Some nice editing. And a True hemo spec rogue TBC movie at last!
In the duels that I win I donít use prep.(except last duel and on a lock)
Lots of mistakes , I left them in. Some insane dmg and big crits.
Bits of oldschool music , I am 29 :p as well as some more modern heavy stuff.

What you wonít see.
Me in arena Ganking x2 x3 players in greens.
A single point in the combat tree!
Under geared opponents or opponents on less then 100% hp.
Stupidly gimped AP. Adrenaline rush and no combat maces

My stats:
8k hp
72 resilience
1947 AP

The builds:
21/0/40 Coldblood Hemo
17/0/44 Shadowstep Hemo

My gear:
Dragonstrike, Arena S2 mace offhand (But no combat mace spec!)
Some SSC loot and rest is Kaz and 5 man heroics, And 2 bits of PVP gear (which I despise for hemo )

Who should watch this?
Any 1 bored with watching rogues run around with gimped dmg and built like a paper tank. This movie is about showcasing what a hemo rogue with Good AP can do.
Opponents with 300+ resilience are beat, And not easy classes.
And people who want something different from full merc rogues running around with pitiful dmg.

Technical issues: when using WOW model editor I had to use T5 items instead of S2 items, so they will look slightly different.

Enjoy the film.

EDIT:ok after reading some comments i decided to add some more info.
Yes i aint the worlds greatest pvper! If i wanted to try and create that illusion i would NOT have included lost duels or the amount of mistakes i do make in the movie.Its very easy to make yourself look good if you know your way around sony vegas.
I never even posted this on the rogue forums,It was only intended for my own server ^^ I had no idea it would get this amount of downloads.
if you want a good pvp movie with rogues go watch an Acrono or Hwarang movie (both movies i enjoy watching myself).
This movie was made to be entertaining and last but not least DIFFERENT, I was bored of seeing dozens of combat/full Gladiator rogue movies and thats why i created this movie.
hope you enjoy something fresh and new in movies,If you dont like this movie then I apologize.

PS: I currently am having a break from WOW till patch 2.3.
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