Sarotti PvP 6 - Goodbye Chocolate! by Seladric
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Eredar ( Blutdurst )
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Sarotti PvP 6 – Goodbye Chocolate!

! ! ! Please read this summary ! ! !

This will be my last movie. Definitely. And don’t worry – I won’t sing ;) (Thank you Cuse, you f*ckin’ $%%&§!!?//1337d00d”§§&)!! ^^)
Anyway, what you are about to see differs from my last movies. You will see me getting zerged, you will see me dying, you will see me trying to beat the hell out of enemies but not killing them at all and – of course - you will see me doing tons of mistakes. This is all about PvP, it’s about humour, it’s about frustration (these moments that make you want to eat your keyboard, you know?) and it’s about what it’s worth for.
I played World of Warcraft for more than two years. Sure it was fun and I’m glad that I found some new RL friends. But if I let those things aside, I recognize that I spent more than 130 days /played sitting in front of my monitor while pushing some buttons. I missed a huge amount of reallife-stuff. Anyway, I do not regret this time, it’s just the right moment to stop playing World of Warcraft.
At this point, I want to mention that I really want you to watch this movie to the very end. In case you don’t like the PvP content just skip those parts and have a look at the outro. This outro means quite much to me because I spent a long time looking for some appropriate footage and putting it together. This outro is what our world (NOT the World of Warcraft) really is about, what could happen while thousands of people sitting apathetically in front of their monitors.
Life is easy with eyes closed (greetings from “LOST”! Have a closer look at Charlie’s left upper arm :D). Do not hide behind you computer, do not waste a huge amount of time in a non existing world. Enjoy playing World of Warcraft – it’s a fantastic game but please! Enjoy playing it in moderation. There are more important things to care about than getting better gear or being ultraninjahighskilled.

I’m sorry for being some kind of moralizer. It’s just because I can reach some people, who might get lost in the World of Warcraft, by making this movie.

That’s all I’ve got to say. I’ll give you some further information about the (PvP) content of the movie:

It features…
…0/30/31 spec (pre 2.1.0)
…17/0/44 spec (pre and post 2.1.0)
…0/30/31 spec (post 2.1.0)
…UD male mage skin
…mostly battlegrounds (just 1 or 2 openpvp-clips, sadly)
…team pvp with Vurtne and Aetherian (just two average scenes, don’t expect a 100on3 -.-)
…duels (Arllogas and Alca)
…punk/rock/emo/screamo music such as (in order of appearance):

Sum 41 – Count Your Last Blessings
My Chemical Romance – House Of Wolves
The Used – Paralyzed
Cassetteboy VS. DJ Rubbish - George Bush Is An Islamic Fundamentalist
Breaking Benjamin – So Cold
Escape The Fate – The Webs We Weave
Lost Prophets – Everyday Combat
Zebrahead – Enemy
Thrice - all tthats left(OLDSCHQQL!!!11)
Plain White T’s – Sad Story
Slut – Global Cut

This is my very first movie I edited with Sony Vegas and I’d like to thank Alca and Vurtne who helped me out a lot. I really recommend downloading at least the low-quality-version because of editing/music/content timing (the movie might lag a bit via livestream). Moreover, do not expect some great “uberfights” because the movie lacks of some classes (especially Warlocks) and includes too many druid- and warriorfights. Anyway, these scenes are all I’ve got and I tried to make the best out of them. Also my gear improved a lot from the 1st to the last scene so I hope you won’t be too confused.
And now, sit back, relax and enjoy!

Thanks a lot to all of you. I’m out.

PS: Ah and it’s spelled ROGUE not ROUGE. Never could remember that ;)
PPS: Forgot to mention that I uploaded my earlier movies once again, you might check them out at as well

EDIT: due to many requests i added a stage 6 stream.
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