70 BE Paladin - Holy Shockadin by xenty
Class: Paladin | Category: PvP | Server : US - Shu'halo ( Whirlwind )
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Movie Summary
70 Bloodelf paladin - Holy / Shock PvP 5/5 S2

NB : Not intended for skills, only means to show what a holy pally can do in pvp.

My First Movie.

Inspired by Deadlyblonde(EU) to become a shockadin.

I didn't bother working on to much on the intro, or the editing, i wasn't very skilled either with it, it took me ages to make this video from the time span i have, i know, i could have done better, ITS VERY HARD TO FIND WORLD PVP on MY SERVER... only time when i do, its just not worth putting it in.

Paladin Stats

Unbuffed 1079 Spell damage - S2 Merc
9.8k/9.6k Hp/Mana
28% Crit on holy spells


Rise Against - Drones
Breeze Style - Eletric
Nami Tamaki - Breakdown
D-Emma - My Direction
Gouryella - Ligaya
George Acosta - The Reaper
Rise Against - Survive

Put all type of music in there except RnB/Rap, not my type of music.

and WARNING: if your after big numbers - dont look here... im also aware i have a jumping problem.... just now. thanks for informing me !

UI ___

I have been asked recently about my UI


You may need a lot of modification to work with...
Thanks to Taeo for releasing that UI.
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