Stratholme (Baron) Solo Run by Zaby
Class: Shaman | Category: Underground | Server : EU - Aegwynn ( Blutdurst )
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Movie Summary
Short video, showing paths to avoid most mobs in Stratholme and doing a quick Baron run.

I do those runs mostly because of boredom and the little chance getting Deathcharger's Reins ( ).
The shards and essences always sell for a good price, so its still a nice way to get some gold.

Including the 'human' part of Stratholme in such a solo run results in about 15-20 shards and about 10-15 greater eternal essences + some illusion dust (that depends on how much greens/tier0 items you get from the trash) and a few stacks runecloth.

You need about 60 minutes for both parts.


Because of the comments about my gear:
You can do this easy with "worse" gear. I already did those solo runs with Tier4 and Gladiator Gear. Only difference is that you might take a health or mana potion sometimes.
My alt rogue is just Karazhan / Gruul equipped and can master such a solo run aswell.

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