The Fifth Horseman by BaronSoosdon
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Movie Summary

One night, a man hears a sinister call in his dreams.. He answers and soon after his journey to the source of the calling, blood shall be spilled.

This movie may not suitable for minors - red is a nice colour.

Welcome to my entry for the WCM Halloween contest! I hope that I managed to make the movie scary, haunting and disturbing.

This may not be the most perfect one of my works, but I am proud of it since I did it in very short time.

All music taken from World of Warcraft.

Got too scared while watching this? Or it did not scare you at all? In either case - share your fear (or lack of it) at #machinima @ Quakenet IRC, a growing chat channel for new and old machinimakers.

Watching the YouTube stream is like sticking burning rusty needles to your eyes while Linkin Park is playing on the background. Please download the movie or use the Stage6 / GameTube streams if possible :)

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