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Many of the footage in this video has been recorded in 2.1 before I took a break from the game. The movie has been sitting in my desktop ever since, and not until recently have I decided to show it.

The sudden reason I decided showing this on wow movies is because I felt that although I might not be the best, or the most well known mage I have been playing the mage class ever since day 1 and making videos well before TBC. And although I might not have been up to par with mages like Gegon or Vurtne these videos are still an emblem of the mage community. Furthermore I'm glad I am contributing to such a strong community, despite the many discouragements of like warlocks, holy priests, resto druids and in 2.3: hunters and shamans.

This video is in 2 sections, the first section is World PvP as well as battlegrounds and Arena. The second section is 1v1 duels with the Best Duelers I can find.
The first duel is with Neilyo - A rogue on Tichondrious
The second duel is with Invix - The highest rated 5v5 hunter on BG1.
The third duel is with Evidense - The highest rated 2v2 warlock on BG1.

I highly recommended you download the full movie, or watch the live stream through the filefront website as the quality is significantly better. (Filefront livestream).
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