Kenion - Black Rose by Kenion
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HALLO! This was my entry into the Fabled Few contest, it won and I got 1,000 bucks lol. I've never made a serious attempt at creating a real machinima movie either, especially not one of this type, so this was my 1st real go at this.

This is just a music video with a story set thematically and synced to one of my favorite songs by audioCrunch. The story is intentionally vague and told through action/visuals much like any music video. My hat goes off to anyone who has, or ever will, make an action machinima video. It's surprisingly time consuming to make just a couple seconds of video with action due to the limits of 3rd party model/map viewer software. I learned that you have to be really creative with the in-game animations to pull off an idea (that's why some things are really over the top), or just have to scrap ideas completely due to simply not being possible.

Thanks to Crunch for making such awesome beats for all these years, for giving me something to listen to on the road, and allowing me to use his tracks. He definitely made the royalty free rule not a problem so check him out! I've been a fan of his for many years and was excited to bring to life what I imagined when I listened to this track long ago.


Eviscerape 2

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