Acrono - Shadowstep Tricks (Preview) by Acrono01
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Frostmane ( Misery )
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Movie Summary

Please go to the following link to read my regularly updated blog!

Do not download this movie if you are looking for an entertaining pvp movie!

This movie containts the following:
- Poor Editing
- Lack of good fights
- No Insane skills
- Poor AV Quality
- All captured within a few hours of gameplay

The purpose of the movie is to give an insight of some fun things you can expect to see with shadowstep in future to come and to show some useful things that shadowstep can do. I am aware many may know these already, however for those that don't I hope you find it useful and may inspire you to spec shadowstep to give it a good try before you get put off by all those bashing the spec.

Rogue focus

The rest should be pretty obvious.

I may decide to make a proper shadowstep movie (where I eliminate the above mentioned negatives) during season 3 but thats dependant on things going on IRL at the moment as my plans are to quit the game in the coming months.

Neat Shadowstep fact: Shiv does not consume the shadowstep debuff so do not fear using shiv after shadowstep, make sure you land the snare first if needed then use hemo/evis for the damage.

Hope others find rogue joy again like I have with this sublety change..
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