Nightmare Vine: 250g or 6 stacks per hour by vespoli
Class: Warlock | Category: Underground | Server : US - Bleeding Hollow ( Ruin )
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Nightmare Vine: 250g+ or 6 stacks/hour

Rhapsody of Twisted on Bleeding Hollow (US-PvP)

In this movie I show how easy it is to farm Nightmare Vine. This method does not take advantage of any deficiences in game design or excessive instance resetting-just simple, aggressive, solo, outdoor farming. I like to farm Nightmare Vine because of its high demand, lack of mobs near spawn points, and the ease in making a spawn route to follow. Over the course of 17 minutes of game-time, I gather 37 total Nightmare Vines (and one Fel Lotus) from Shadowmoon Valley. On my server, Bleeding Hollow, they sell for 2g each on average, which translates to around 260 gold per hour. Obviously you can't farm this 24/7 because the price will go down with demand, but it's still a good moneymaker. Alternatively, players who use consumables can use Nightmare Vine for crafting a number of raid-type buffs (Major Shadow Power, Flask of Pure Death, Superior Wizard Oil, Fel Strength Elixir, etc.).


1. 375 herbalist - You can be any faction, race, class, or spec to do this. As long as you can solo kill a level 70 non-elite, you will not run into any problems with all but three node spawns.

2. Fast flying mount - A flying epic mount with a riding crop is a HUGE help. I would not recommend this for people farming for their 280% speed mount if they only have the 60% one.

3. Max terrain distance - Gathering nodes appear on your minimap as the game renders them on your screen. By having a larger draw distance, your herbalism "radar" range is proportionally larger.

4. Nonpeak hours - Gathering, logically, is easier when there are fewer people looking for nodes. If you can, try to farm at extreme off-hours when traffic is very light. In this film I am farming at 5:30 AM server time.

5. Gatherer addon - This addon shows icons on your minimap and world map at the locations of node spawn points. Using Gatherer and GathererDB (which uploads ALL the spawn data from WoWHead) you can easily make a route through a zone to follow to cover all the nodes. You can download Gatherer and GathererDB from this site. The route I follow for exactly one "lap" in this film is here.

6. Minimap addon - An addon such as SimpleMinimap can enlarge your minimap to make it larger and more central while gathering. You can get SimpleMinimap here

That's it! Enjoy and happy hunting!

Music: "Turn It Again" by Red Hot Chili Peppers
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