Swarm 2 - Priest Arena PvP by Fershie
Class: Priest | Category: PvP | Server : US - Tichondrius ( Bloodlust )
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Movie Summary
This is my second video. It features two 5v5ís as a Disc/Holy Priest, two 3v3's also as a Disc/Holy Priest, and a lot of 2v2ís as a Shadow Priest. THIS VIDEO IS ARENA ONLY. DONíT WATCH IT IF YOU DONíT LIKE ARENA.

All of the footage is from the first week of season 3, so the variety is a bit limited, and I didn't really have a lot of 5v5/3v3 to use, so it's mostly 2v2.

Just some notes:
-In my previous video, I model edited to make my gear look different. I heard it got fixed and I know longer know how to do it. Regardless, I got my S3 Shoulders/Hat, which I'm happy with.
-Our Warlock from 5v5 sold his account, and our Paladin is probably going to do the same (I'm really unsure at this point if he has or hasn't). The new Warlock we used the first week is Yog, so our team was Paladin (Xargoo), Priest (Swarm), Warrior (Iax), Hunter (Prosu), Warlock (Yog). I'd like to thank Xargoo/Diabolist for all the fun times last season, and wish them luck with whatever they decide to do.
-In 3v3 I played with Neilyo and Mattyo, so the team was Rogue (Neilyo), Mage (Mattyo), Priest (Swarm).
-2v2 was with Neilyo as Spriest/Rogue.
-The editing is very minimal, and I went for a more simplistic video this time (even more simplistic than last time).

Michael Andrews-Mad World
A Perfect Circle-Passive
Muse-Map of the Problematique
Death Cab For Cutie-Soul Meets Body
Radiohead-Karma Police.
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