Sickness: Unfinished by Pink Shirt Farmer
Class: Warrior | Category: Underground | Server : US - Feathermoon ( Cyclone )
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Movie Summary
An unfinished exploration movie. I lost the source material, but had kept the last rendering of what I'd put together so far. I didn't want to just delete the vid as there were a few good bits worth saving, such as PvP segment which is rare for an exploration vid.

Areas Visited:
Elwynn Forest Waterfall
Burning Steppes Moutains
On top of Grim Batol
Inside Dalaraan
Uninstanced Stratholme
Uninstanced Zul'Farak
Jump off Hyjal Mountains
Far East of Echo Isles
Outside Instanced Zul'Gurub
Arathi Basin
On top of Orgrimmar
"Donut Rock" in Azshara
Uninstanced Shadowfang Keep

Soundtrack (in order of appearance):
"292 (A Darker Shape Mix)" by Qntal
"Finished Symphony" by Hybrid
"Machine Soldier" by Yoko Kanno
"Décide Toi" by Rouge Rouge.
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3.17 /5

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Pink Shirt Farmer
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