Fury Trailer 2 (Action Movie) by seksi
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I've lost more than 75% of the work I've done on Fury (several hundred hours) and as for now I will not finish it, I just can't do it. I haven't lost any of the big uncompressed .avi files lying around on my comp, all my project files from about 7 months back however, are corrupt.

So in one night all my Project files just went corrupt and I also didn't mind to make backups? No. The thing with Vegas is that corrupted files isn't really unusual (from my experience), especially if you save all your Project files in the same folder, so the key to not loose your work is to save often and in different folders. I save about each 30-60 mins and I do it on 3 different hard drives. I noticed that alot of my files had started to go corrupt so I saved more. But - what happened (which I can't explain and the reason I'm writing this) is that all my Project files after a certain date were the ones being corrupted and unfortunately I realized this when it was too late. I have alot of working Project files with Fury in their name, but none with more than just several scenes and no sound. Basically I can't be arsed redoing the compiling part from that point on.

However, I'm going to release a compilation of rendered scenes with comments.

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