PTR Seed of Corruption - Warlock Bug by Accused
Class: Warlock | Category: Underground | Server : US - Test Server US
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Movie Summary
This was filmed on the PTR on 12/14/07

Premade character copies where allowed, and when the PTR first went up, we came to find out that warlock premades had been given a npc mob's SoC spell.

This one casted like you would an AoE Blizzard/Rain of Fire at no mana cost, instant cast, 60000 yard range.
They fixed the bug within hours of launching the PTR, however I managed to get in some video footage before the PTR shut down. You were even able to cast it while you were dead, mounted, etc.

I filmed and edited this in literally like 30-45 minutes, so I look forward to many people making comments about poor editing and whatnot.

IMO This is what happens when warlocks get mad :P

I also tried to upload this in DivX format to Stage6, but it kept saying it couldn't find a connection when I tried to upload, so, sorry for no Stage6..
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