Arithmomania by Yume
Class: Mage | Category: Machinima | Server : US - Burning Legion ( Vindication )
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Movie Summary

Arithmomania is a World of Warcraft music video featuring music from the British duo Dogzilla. Enjoy! If you like this movie, you'll probably also like my previous movies, Damaged Dreams and Rush. For those interested, I have two more movies in the pipeline that should be out in the coming months.

My next video, Polystyrene Dream is out, so go watch that too!

Please download the full version instead of watching the stream!

The h.264 version is both a smaller file and higher quality than the Xvid version so download that unless you have playback problems.

If you can't connect to my server, I've mirrored the file on filefront here.

VLC Media Player plays back both the h.264 and Xvid versions. Or CCCP.

I have made a guide for encoding in h.264. You can view it at

An Open Source Video
Sort of. In addition to using the custom special effects I wrote for Damaged Dreams, I also wrote a new script for the mass text effects you can see in this video. All my software is available (open source, licensed under the GPL) at
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