Tianmi - Jumping by darkdead
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*** READ FIRST ***
This is my Jumping movie which I created abbout a half year ago, where I jumped in several games and recorded it of course :)

In the movie itself you will also see the difficulty of any jump and some of those jumps can still be done, so try it yourself!

*** WoW ***
The jumping technique which I used in WoW, where I jump directly against a wall and tip forward shortly is NOT possible anymore (at least not with my draenei).

*** CS ***
In CS I never used any jumpscript where you hold down space. I just binded my mwheeldown with +jump.

*** Qua*e3 ***
I used the DeFrag mod which is the popularest jump mod in Qua*e3.

*** Soundtracks ***
About the music.. The movie is about half a year old so please don't expect the best songs.
Bullet for My Valentine - Hand of Blood
Sonic Syndicate (Only Inhuman) - Psychic Suicide
Linkin Park - Wish (Live)
Some sounds from DesignerSoundFX

*** Other Things ***
It also was my goodbye movie.. but wow catched me again ;)
This movie has been rendered with the x264 Codec so you need the CCCP Codecpack or VLC(prefered) to watch it. (if you download it)
In this movie I had some problems with the upper lower field, so please be fair!.
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