Disbanded Vs. Teron, top 10 WWS DPS by snagleCratch
Class: Warlock | Category: Guild Promotion | Server : US - Ner'zhul ( Bloodlust )
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A Teron Kill video from Disbanded of Ner'zhul (US). Watch from snagleCratch's (warlock) PoV as we throw down on his face in an effort to make it to the top of the WWS (WoW Web Stats) highest-ever raid DPS list.

The reason high-end guilds baseline raid DPS on Teron is because it is the only pure tank&spank fight in BT/Hyjal (as long as you don't get ghosted, you never move an inch.) With enough gear a guild can start trimming their healing unit and bring in more dps/support to push it to the limit!


To put it in perspective, most guilds still progressing in BT down Teron in ~6 minutes. Our time on 1/23 was 2 minutes 40 seconds. At this level of play threat management while maximizing your dps through gear choices, buffs, and consumables play a huge factor. Every little bit counts! As we prepare for Sunwell we will be working hard to become best in the world on Teron.

[As of now (1/24) we were pushed back from #9 to 11 but that wont stop us from breaking even more records next week with our other hand not tied behind our back!].
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