World of jumpcraft IV by cancel/daranelon by Daranelon
Class: Unknown | Category: Underground | Server : EU - Al'Akir ( Blackout )
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Hey, this is the fourth part of my series which purpose is to show what you can do with walljumping after you have *master* it. This time weve done a little search inside instances and found some shortcuts. The series is meant for people who like exploration as well as walljumping as it is.

Now it should be a bit better quality than in my last videos since i used fraps. I apologize for not having any other working Stream atm than google becus filefront is lagging something, says that its processing at 91% but nothing has happened. Im also gonna put a stage6 stream as i get my file converted into a proper size...

Again the editing is made same like as in the other videos since it seems to create a series like athmosphere. I tried to put different kinds of music in it so everyone could find something they like, but cant please everyone.

You can contact us on Lightnings Blade(EU) and Al'akir(EU)

Music used:

Immediate music- Liberty Shield
In Flames- Free fall
Korn- Alone I Break
Immediate music- Rising Empire
My Chemical romance-
- Welcome to the black parade
- Famous last words
Yellowcard- Light up the sky
Poets of the fall- Lift
FF8- Find your way

The scenes of instance shortcuts are in level order starting from wailing caverns ending to mechanar. its a long video i know but i hope you enjoy it as much as i enjoyed making it.

If you missed other parts of the series click my name and check them there if you want:P

Best regards,
Daranelon & Cancel

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