Deadlyblonde - Angel of Death by Deadlyblonde
Class: Paladin | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Stormscale ( Cyclone )
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Movie Summary

*fucking long movie*

- the movie is actually best from halfway through and out- please watch the whole thing before rating.

THE BEST MIRROR : the one named "filefront" and only that one, this one should be downloaded it has the best quality, but also biggest size.

my SCT is how i like it to be and if you dont like it, you can go to hell:P , its bad in the start, but i fixed it throughout the movie :>

im no clicker, most people say that im a pretty skilled paladin :> and dont give up too early in the movie, it starts with a critspam scene, i made this while i was bored and had no internet, after comes duels, then funs and arena, would like if you watched the whole movie.

mirrors : only filefront up atm, im working on more mirrors, it contains stream + DL; stage 6 and different qualities is on its way.

This movie is fucking long. it contants duels pvp random clips and lots of fun, together with good music, my 3v3 team is rather unique. not easy mode resto shaman warrior retri.

my 3v3 is , resto druid, enhancement shaman and retri paladin:>

im a middle quality editor. i learned all my editing "skills" from youtubefilms / forums. dont expect anything super special. the arena clips were taken from 1950 - 2200 on stormscale (BG cyclone) and some of the world pvp / bg on agamaggan, as i migrated midmovie.

after reading through some comments, i agree, i should give some credits to the maker of "for the horde" imba movie and my outro is inspired by theirs! they also inspired me to roll horde, so lots of thanks / gratz to them :)

My first pvp movie (shockadin)
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