Heroic Stealthers by Kerberus
Class: Druid | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Ravencrest ( Cyclone )
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Movie Summary
Some may have seen my former movie where i stealth Heroic Sethekk last boss with my druid partner Ludolph.

In this movie we take it to the next step, taking on Both bosses in Heroic Sethekk as well as all bosses in Heroic Slave Pens. Everything can be done in less than 1 hour if you do it fast. The reward is 5-7 badges, 7 shards, 2-4 voids, 2 nethers, 0-3 spirit shards and 25g if its Daily. Badges and spirit shards are shared, Ludo takes the Nethers and i grab the shards.

Some people might be expecting another boring "Lol bear form zZzZzZzZz" but you will actually see Heroic bosses being tanked in Cat Form here, although it is of course some of the easier Heroics (and Bear Form is used partially since some of the bosses hit pretty hard, and you have to count on some luck with dodges etc.). Last time i attempted to tank a Harder Heroic in Cat Form was in Black Morass, we managed to Temporus where a crit wiped my ass (i should unbind my Sit key) :D

Paul Oakenfold feat. Ryan Tedder - Switch On
Junkie XL - Today (U.N.K.L.E. Remix)

For those of you who doesn't know me, my name is Athinira and i was a face that was easy to recognize on the European Druid forums i play my druid both as Restokin (34/0/27) and Feral (PvE tank), as well as im an expert on WoW game mechanics and the general know-it-all guy people ask for stuff.

Given that i respec about 15-20 times per month (750-1000g) i have to earn money in some way. Unfortunately i got banned from the forums for being a bit too hot headed, so now i just maintain The Druid Wiki and the Druid IRC channel which i am the owner off.

The Druid Wiki
#eu-druids || Quakenet - Don't let the "EU" tag confuse you, all druids welcome, or non-druids as well.

Warning: The movie features model editing, just so you know before you download/view it. I maintain a small model editing page for druids mostly, link is in the end of the movie. The music is electronic/trance. There is a Vimeo Stream available. Don't use the FileFront stream, it doesn't work for some reason (Movie halts halfway through). The movie is played at 5-10x speed for the Slave Pens part and 2-5x speed for the Sethekk part.

If you need a Codec pack for viewing the movie, i recommend The DefilerPak, an add-free Codec Pack i trusted myself to for many year by now. Visit their site here: DefilerPak Site

Critizism and feedback is welcome and can be directed to me in either a Private message on The Druid Wiki, to my personal user on WCM (xArrow) or on the Druid IRC channel where im available at noon to evening on most druids (you'll find me amongst the OP's).

As always, thanks to my ingame partner in crime Ludolph for all the stealth runs we have done, and thanks to my out-of-game partner in crime, Kerberus from DOOM SQUAD.

Regards and Enjoy, Athinira..
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