The Death of PvP by Paxton
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**2009 June Update** I randomly checked back here last night after going through some stuff on an old hard drive, sorry about filefront killing the download. Anyways, after rediscovering some of the unused content I had laying around I thought I\'d try to re-release an extended/alternate cut here a year later. Of course I know to never tinker with things that are not broken, thus will be re-hosting the original version too (on a server I pay for, no less) to prevent future outages. The thing I got the most criticism on was the music, some people simply do not enjoy/feel electronic music in that way so the alternate version will likely be of more an organic intimate sound. That's the plan, anyway. We will talk soon, check back for links to the new host. -Pax

***Adding this because I have seen an influx of comments about the "skill" rating of this video. Basically it comes down to two view points, A) those who like to spend skill points purely on how well of a fighter they think X person is, and B) how well of a video maker they think a person is. Those are obviously very, very different things. Just for example, I would give Drakedog or Vurtne skill points for PvP, and Dopefish or Martin (creator of Tales of the Past series) skill points for creating great movies as far as content and editing goes. Having made those distinctions, I am not claiming I deserve skill points in either, that is and has always been up to you guys, the viewer. On an unrelated side note - I found it ironic that someone complained about not seeing any fighting in a movie about "The Death of PvP". Anyways, thanks for all the recognition guys, all of the credit goes to you.***


I basically just wanted to accept the fact that what we used to know as PvP in WoW is no longer around, and say a final farewell to the fun times we had during those days.

This is not to say I don\'t like Arena\'s, because I do, I just feel that all of the PvP in wow has become it\'s own game, only to be done in certain areas, under certain circumstances, with specific rules, etc etc. It is no longer part of the world that makes up Warcraft like it used to be.

I hope everyone enjoys this, I had a very fun time going to some of the places of the old and recalling some large scale battles that just don\'t happen anymore.

Paxtonfettel (UD Lock - Maelstrom)
Outtacontrol (Dwarf Priest - Twisting Nether).
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