Thunderstrucked - Elemental Destruction by Quatogo
Class: Shaman | Category: How To/Guides | Server : EU - Proudmoore ( Blutdurst )
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This is my elemental-movie showing up several fights with crits and the procc of lightning overload. Most of the scenes have been taken in AB or EoS, cause this are my favourite Battlegrounds - but you can find some scenes from AV, too. You'll also find some funny scenes in this. No Addons used, no omfg-Interface-mods that you'll find.

No long posings about my gear or any arena-scenes - it's boring and in most cases you're the prime target in arena. This movie shows what an elemental specced shaman can do when he is ignored or healed. The movie is dedicated to my friends and fellow players - for me, thats more imortant than any show-up of my gear ;)

I hope you'll enjoy it and feel free to drop me a line to my email adress ;).
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