Darrowshire by Cranius
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"Darrowshire" was inspired by the quest in the Eastern Plaguelands. The story is a heart-breaker as you find a little girl named Pamela wandering around in the Eastern Plaguelands looking for her family. Your quest is to set things right, which my brother, Tydup, did with style while filming this movie.

For more information, see my blog (www.cranius.com).

The Hi-Def version is far superior to what you'll see and hear on YouTube, so please download the HD version. It's worth the wait.

I just have to include this review from Total Biscuit because I couldn't have asked for a better review:

"Cranius is a machinimator I can respect. Very early, he found his niche, and proceeded to make it his own, refining it, developing it and creating consistently good quality material that stands the test of time.

It's refreshing to see work by someone who obviously understands the essence of good machinima. The movie is filmed in-game and polished up with some minor post-production. It doesn't rely on fancy effects, rather uses the game to tell a story via the medium of original (and well-recorded I might add) song and appropriate shots. Is it just me that thinks that shooting good scenes is something of a lost art when it comes to machinima? It something that people forget about in the age of map and modelviewer, but it's oh so important in any kind of film-making. You can't simply use technology as a crutch for talent. Thankfully Cranius doesn't do that.

This is a moving, powerful but entertaining piece of work that sets a very good example for others in the fields of creativity, and rustic, but effective film-making techniques. Two thumbs up."

- Total Biscuit, WoW Radio.
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