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This video is a unique recording of TWO 1280x1024 desktops at once, so it's double wide (2560x1024, reduced to 1024x512). The Filefront and WCM streams completely mess up the dimensions of it, so please pretend they're not there. ^_^

In other words, please watch it in vimeo/download form before knocking me for the AV quality.



For those who aren't familiar, multi-boxing is the act of playing more than 1 account of wow (or another game) at a time, controlling all characters simultaneously. To pull this off on 1 pc, you'll often have multiple wow windows open across several monitors. Fraps and Gamecam only record 1 window of WoW at a time, so how do you record them all at once?

This is a demonstration for fellow multiboxers on how to record full screen game footage, showing all your screens of WoW at once. It was a challenge figuring out how to record it all while preserving quality and performance, so I hope this demonstration helps some others in pulling it off.


Like lasers? Watch my laser show video. (

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shaman going ape nuts in battlegrounds with a 2-handed weapon.

Film by: Jophn / Majo
Starring: Kemosavi - Deathwing US (Armory Link)

This is basically a shaman crit movie. You're going to be watching a decently geared enhancement run around smashing people with big 2-hander windfuries.

-Scene: First Half-
The "badass" section. This is where Kemosavi wrecks face to hyped up 'in your face' music. Classic crit/windfury video style.

-Scene: Second Half-
The fun section. Here you'll find a song about salmon, hosted by none other than Fatlip and Sammy The Salmon. Plenty of gimmicks playing off the music -- this is the real reason you want to watch the video. Pretty sure you'll laugh. =]

-Scene: Credits-
You'll see some old-school footage of Kemosavi back at level 60 in AQ40/Naxx level enhancement gear.

-Music Used-
Ivory - Free The Beast
Ivory - Free The Beast (Breakfastaz Rmx)
Chemical Brothers - Salmon Dance (Feat. Fatlip)
Ulrich Schnauss - Blumenweise Neben Autobahn

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