Kil'jaeden's defeat animation *Spoiler* by resoLVer1.0
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***WARNING: Private server stuff!***

This movie contains KJ's defeat animation with some kind of an intro at the beginning and a bit of humour at the end. The environment might seem small to you as well as the movement speed might seem slow(I've even sped up a part of the movie, anyways it fitted with the music xD) - that's because I was using a "hovering mode" while was recording.
Music: Asura - Fahrenheit(which I've cynically stolen from Nogg-Aholic the Movie, you can even hear the crossfading sound with the previous track at the beginning :p).

P.S.: I've just installed Vegas. It's probably the most intuitively understandable program I've been using in years. =)

Edit: He-he... "*Spoiler*"... He-he... xD Well, this animation is really unlike the other bosses' ones(that's why I've decided to share it with people) - not just plain "Aaaaah"-boom-dead, but quite long and interesting. It might even reval some aspects of the encounter itself(wtf wrong with this amulet? ^^). I have to agree with approvers, it can turn into a spoiler for top raiding guilds. But for us, mortal people, who will most likely see it first time in a "******* guild KJ World First!!!" movie anyways, it might be entertaining. ;).
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